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Anonymous Christmas Cards for Sale at Funky Presents

Anonymous Christmas gift eCard number 6 for sale Funky Presents

Anonymous Christmas Cards for Sale at Funky Presents.  These Anonymous Christmas Cards are available only as eCards.

Anonymous the worldwide hacktivist group that is widely known for its various cyber attacks is now closely associated with the Guy Fawkes via the stylised Guy Fawkes mask. Originally the mask was portrayed in the film for V for Vendetta in which a vigilante known only as V wears the mask. So we have a modern day hero which visually was taken by the group and is now recognisable world wide…

So is Father Christmas, who also has several aliases such as Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle, (WTF?) or by millions of children the more endearing Santa.

First – a bit of history.

If you are a fan of history you will know that early incarnations of Father Christmas appeared as early as the 15th Century. But it was not until early Victorian times that the spirit and iconography and even then it was more to do with adults having fun, feasting, drinking alcohol etc. By late Victorian times Father Christmas became associated with the giving of gifts for children and a whole economic foundation was brought into life.

Second– a bit of history mixed up with our modern, turbulent times.

Funky Presents has mixed iconic Christmas imagery from around the world (mostly late Victorian) and combined it with the newly iconic Anonymous mask and has produced some fun imagery. Some of the cards can be seen as simple pairing and fun. One or two of these Anonymous Christmas Cards end up looking a little more sinister. Such is life.

Not wanting to have to clean and reboot as an end result of a DDoS cyber attack I have tried to get in touch with Anonymous and offer these cards to them as a group and in support both financially and in tune with their ethos. But hey – they seem to like remaining Anonymous… so if you know how or who drop me an email and I will gladly give them to the cause.

A few examples . Please go to the page to see all of the Anonymous Christmas cards:

Anonymous Christmas gift Card #2:

Anonymous Christmas gift eCard number 2 for sale Funky Presents

Iconic Christmas imagery from the 19th Century and the Anonymous mask produces some funnery and in this Christmas Card there are two children and a dog. You will notice that the dog has decided not to be anonymous. He wants to be seen. Perhaps he is overly confident. Perhaps he is a cardboard cut-out? He certainly wears an odd expression. Perhaps he is hungry? Anonymous Christmas Cards for Sale at Funky Presents – buy in eCard format today and you can add your name and message – or, of course, you can remain Anonymous.

Anonymous Christmas gift Card #15:

Anonymous Christmasgift eCard number 15 for sale Funky Presents

In this Christmas eCard our Anonymous hero is dressed up as Father Christmas, or Santa, and can be found delivering gifts to those lucky and loving children who have been good little hacktivists this year. The twinning of the original card and the mask does adds a touch of the sinister – and some of this is down to the mask, but if you take a little time to inspect the original image you will notice that there is something odd about the hands. Are these the hands of a loving giver of gifts? Or are they the hands of someone who fights the good fight for a living?

Send these Anonymous Christmas Cards for Sale at Funky Presents to those you love this Christmas and spread the word. The word is not Up. The word is certainly not Kringle, as Kringle is a Scandinavian pastry. Why is life so complex?