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Dogs vs Cats

Split Dog Unisex T-shirt for sale at Funky Presents

Type ‘dog’ into Google and you will be faced with 1,400,000,000 results. How can this be? Is the world so obsessed with dogs or are the dogs typing this s*** into the Cyberweb while their owners sleep? (For the stats hungry reader type ‘cat’ into Google and you get 2,210,000,000 results).

graphic t shirt with red dog for salegraphic t-shirt with split cat for salegrahpic unisex t shirt for sale with a rabbit

When faced with creating designs for T-shirts it was natural that I include cats and dogs. I naturally came up with two of each – certainly as a starter. Certainly not to appeal to a particular audience. (“I have bred this version to appeal to both the dog lover and the deviant.“)

I guess it comes down to t shirts for cat lovers vs t shirts for dog lovers. Not one to split hairs, but one advantage of having a cat is you don’t have to follow it around with a plastic bag and pick up its solid or semisolid metabolic waste from its digestive tract (faeces). Then again few cats are prepared to chase a plastic ball for hours on end – it is a close call, but looking at the stats it is looking cool for cats.

The sharp reader will have noticed that the T-shirt on the right is not a dog or cat. I added the split rabbit T-shirt because my partner wants a rabbit. I need to do some research before we go down that route.


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