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Limited edition signed prints – Banksy can

Limited edition signed prints - Banksy can F*** off

Limited edition signed prints : Banksy can F*** off

Limited edition signed prints. This poster can be seen as tension between the perceived innocence of a young girl and her graffiti both as an act and as a personal response to the increasingly complex social structure and consumer world. Or it can be seen as a card that makes you laugh. Either way this poster is a best seller.

 Limited edition signed prints - Banksy can F*** off

When faced with creating a new design, whether for cards, T-shirts or posters, the idea needs an initial spark. The original mage, from 1891, is out of copyright and was found doing a search in Google. Immediately I saw the potential to use the girl as a graffiti artist and so the natural association with Banksy was formed. This was the first in the series. The addition of the graffiti telling Banksy to F*** Off was, I guess, my natural proficiency for subversion. The additon of the graffiti made me laugh, and laughter, as we all know, is a very good thing.

I guess it comes down to whether you are easily offended, or or more open minded. Some people will be offended by this limited edition print, others will see the fun aspect and will hang it on their wall.

Banksy limited edition prints cost an awful lot of money: this limited edition print an awful lot less. The relationship between art and money has never been a comfortable one, but this print, signed and limited to 250, enables the consumer to both engage in the art world and make a statement.

My prints are Giclee printed and on 350gsm archival Heritage paper and arrive in a tube for safe journey to your home. The frame is a personal decision and as such these come unframed. It is recommended hat a simple black frame is used, although the world is your lobster and you could use pink.

Banksy limited edition prints can cost hundreds, if not thousands. Save a lot of money and make a statement. Buy this print and make the world a better place.


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