Cards to say sorry.

Cards to say sorry: Note all Cards to say sorry are also available as E-Cards.

Cards to say sorry. Have you ever needed to offer an apology? Have you done something you need to apologize for? Well, welcome to the human race. And it looks like things are speeding up. At last, sorry cards are now available which enable you to ask for an apology and still keep a semblance of cool.

Mistakes happen. If you didn’t make mistakes that in itself would be a mistake. It is by f****** up that we can learn. Let us remove the error of your ways. Life is too short for regrets. ‘Whoops’ is a word expressing mild dismay or regret. Deal with it.

Buy one of these cards. Say you are sorry to your friend, husband, wife, lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, priest .. In fact you could be sensible and buy a few so that you can be prepared for the next time you need to say sorry in style.

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