Donald Trump E-Cards.

Note all Donald Trump E-Cards are only available as E-Cards and can be sent at any time of the year, but may be good for Halloween.

Donald Trump E-Cards. Halloween is an ancient term originally derived from the words Hollow Ween which is believed to be a reference to the urethra in the male penis. It is presumed that this is an ancient nod to some long forgotten fertility rite. Right?

In more modern times it has nothing to do with fertility and weenies but is a reference to the night in which the veil between THIS WORLD AND THE OTHER ONE is at its thinnest and allows ghouls, ghosts and a host of demons and evil fucking clowns to enter your bedroom. It is also used as an excuse to purchase cheap plastic pitchforks, electronic pumpkins and throwaway consumables which reflect poorly on modern society and in the light of day. Trick or treat ? Trick every time. Personally I like to heat up coins on the cooker and hand them to the kids using an oven glove but this may be considered bad form.

Well – with that in mind here we have my Donald Trump E-Cards – Send them to your friends and enemies. Give them their worst nightmare today.

PS FBI and CIA – This is England – home of free speech.

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