Everyday Cards for sale.

Note all Everyday cards are also available as eCards.

Everyday Cards for sale. One of the better known high street card retailers has a strapline ‘Cards for all occasions’. I don’t think so – clearly they do not sell cards for when you simply want to wish someone a happy F***** birthday, or send a greetings cad.

Rude anniversary cards, I worship your body cards, all of these are now available so that you can purchase and sleep well at night. Rasputin was a mesmeric dude, seemingly full of hypnotic strength. In this series of cards Rasputin sends his power. What he says is true. There is no disputin’ a Rasputin.

Have you never needed to say sorry?  Have you never wanted to let someone know you would like to F*** them? Do you believe in the power of Rasputin? Have you ever wanted to tell someone they make you feel horny? Well now you can.

Be brave. Be proactive. Be a consumer. Buy one of these cards today.

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