Fuck You Brother t shirts for sale.

Help save the Planet when buying these T-shirts! 5% of profits from this item go to savingourplanet.net a registered Charity. Registration number: W751235109

Each one of these Fuck You Brother T Shirts is individually made and numbered. Each type is limited to 1k. The current world population is 7.8 billion. So the chances of seeing another person wearing one of these is so small you are more likely to be hit by an asteroid. May as well go down in style.

It takes a lot of guts, style to wear one of these Fuck You Brother t shirts. Some people are going to take it personally and be offended. It is not advised you wear this t shirt in prison, unless you are top dog. Then again, in some places wearing this t shirt may be an offence and liable to lead you to prison. Great stuff! Lets shake it up. Buy one today and enjoy the mayhem! Ps no legal fees offered for those who fall foul of the law. Ditto for fowl of the law (why did the chicken cross the road? – It was offended by the t shirt!)

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