Googly Eyes Cards for sale.

Note all Googly eyes cards are also available as eCards.

Googly Eyes Cards. Take some of the most famous faces, paintings, in the world, and add some googly eyes and the humour is immediately visible. Mona Lisa, Donald Trump, David Cameron, Che Guevara, Hillary Clinton – no one is immune to funnery.

Thatcher, Thatcher, milk snatcher…. Seems rather cruel a taunt does it not? Loved by a few, loathed by many, this googly eyes Margaret Thatcher card is loved by those on the left, those on the margins, miners, and a mirad of other thoughtful, politicised people.

There is no doubt that the addition of googly eyes give Donald Trump a wider viewpoint. It also means you can parade him around your house before it is knocked down by a rogue missile or bulldozed to make an eighteenth hole. FBI and Lawyers please note that this is England where freedom of speech is paramount.

The googly eyes are added by hand.

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