Grunge cards for sale.

Note all Grunge cards are also available as eCards.

Grunge Cards for sale. One of the better known high street card retailers has a strapline ‘Cards for all occasions’. I don’t thinks so – clearly they do not sell cards for when you simply want to tell someone that they make you feel horny or for when you have f***** up amd need to offer an apology but still keep your cool.

Grunge is a term that originally described alternative rock from Amarica in the mid 80s, but also became a generic term to describe  a sytle and fashion. The Grunge cards from funkypresents are aimed at the consumer who wishes to participate in the giving of cards for traditional occasions but are not mainstream, normal or conventional.

Swim against the tide of normaility. Swim against the tide of conventional. Swim with care. Worry no more, these cards are now available to enable you to be hip on all occasions.


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