Pixelated Cards for sale.

Note all Pixelated cards are also available as eCards.

Pixelated Cards for sale. My range of pixelated cards are in harmony with the pixelated t-shirts and soon to arrive coasters.

Pixel cards seen close up offer a visual graphic feast but one where the image is not discernible until further away. The further away the viewer the closer the images are to photographic.

In Harmony with the pixelated  t-shirts are icons of the 20th century in pixelated card form. They make a great conversation piece should you be short of conversation. They make great cards, will make the recipient happy or possibly reach for a gin and tonic.

Tonic traditionally contained quinine, medication to treat malaria and babesiosis, a malaria-like parasitic disease. These cards are not known to medicate against any disease but are perfect for counteracting seriousness and person and lovers of normality.

Icons from popular history are displayed in this series of pixel cards and currently include Mona Lisa, Che Guevara, Steve Jobs, Marylin Monroe, Elvis, Queen Elizabeth II, R McDonald and the ubiquitous Mr Trump.


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