Pixelated t shirts.

Pixelated t shirts. T-shirts used to be worn only by James Dean and misfits in 50s Hollywood movies. But trends have changed. T-shirts are now worn by stylish people as part of every day life and often to make a statement. This you know to be true as you are a deeply stylish person (otherwise you would not be here).

My range of t shirts are unique, kind to the planet and beautifully printed. Seen up close they offer a visual graphic feast. The further away the viewer the closer the images are to photographic. Icons from popular history are displayed in this series of t shirts and include Mona Lisa, Che Guevara, Steve Jobs, Marylin Monroe, Elvis, Queen Elizabeth II, R McDonald and the ubiquitous Mr Trump.

Pixelated t shirts for cat lovers, dog lovers, lovers of rabbits and the twisted visual. These t shirts are custom printed to order and are a fine detailed print of outstanding quality.

For the discerning buyer. These pixelated t shirts are unique and like bees are sure to create a buzz.



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