Rude Greetings E-Cards for sale.

Note all rude greetings E-Cards are also available as Printed Cards.

Rude greetings E-Cards for sale. Badly behaved? Disobedient? Rude or indecent? Congratulations. Beats being boring. Rude E-Cards from funkypresents mean you can celebrate an occasion and still be naughty, cool. Send a happy F***** Birthday card or I would like to f*** you card and see the recipient smile. Or maybe create mayhem.

Rude and naughty are terms often labelled against unruly children. For example – “you’ve been a really naughty boy” At funkypresents being rude is seen as a way of swimming against the mainstream, being different, mischievous. We strongly encourage and celebrate difference. We encourage you to do the same.

Mischievous is generally defined as ‘causing or showing a fondness for causing trouble in a playful way’. Or it can be defined as ‘causing or intended to cause harm or trouble ‘.

Be mischievous. Don’t be unadventurous and resist change. Cause trouble if you like. Buy one of these Rude greetings E-Cardss today. In fact, buy several.


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