Googly Eyes. Hillary Clinton Card


Hillary Clinton Card. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. Was, of course,  on course to be the next president of the United States of America…  HDRC is also the initials for the Horsham and District Riding Club in West Sussex. As far as I am aware there is little or no connection. Perhaps Hillary will get a reduction in fees? Perhaps she can use their email server?

The addition of the googly eyes does seem to add a little fun to Hillary’s expression. If she is ever going to have her eye on the nuclear button then maybe a little humour will not (unlike the missile) go amiss.

FBI and Lawyers please note that this is England.

The googly eyes are added by hand.


Card left blank for own message.



Hillary Clinton Card. If you so cared you could actually Google ‘googly eyes’ but that is a world of madness and probably an indication of a downward spiral. Has Hillary Clinton spiraled down? Was Russia involved?

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