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Say Sorry Card For her

sorry I F***** up card in green from funky presents

Sorry Card For her. Ok – so you have F***** up. Welcome to the human race. Looks like you have done something you need to apologize for? Or not done something you should have done? If you are looking for a reason why you should buy a sorry card for him then read the blog on that link lover/friend.

These say sorry cards from Funky Presents enable you to ask for an apology and still keep a semblance of style, cool. And this is important because you need this woman/girl in your life but you need her to still think you have some style, which is how one goes about in manner or presentation.

Sorry Card For her

Take solace in the fact that mistakes happen. If you didn’t make mistakes that in itself would be a mistake. By f****** up we can learn. Let’s restore some harmony in your life. Stress is a 6 letter word and may be good in a game of Scrabble but not in the bedroom.

say sorry card for her in red by funky presentssay sorry card for her in green from funky presents say sorry card in red from funky presentsSay Sorry Csrd for her - No Disputin' Rasputin Forgive Me card

Buy one of these cards. and apologize, say you are truly sorry to your girlfriend, wife, friend, mother if you think it appropriate. Sensible may make you think boring old farts and preparation something they teach Scouts, but my advice is be prepared for the next time you need to say sorry in style and buy several..

Sorry Card For her

PS According to the Daily Mirror (I know… but you can read slim article here) the average person will make 773,618 decisions over a lifetime and will come to regret 143,262 of them. That is on average 143k apologies needed. Personally I think that the number of decisions made in a lifetime is higher than the figure quoted. All you need to do is make one more decision and buy one or more of these cards.

Your life has just been simplified xx


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